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Head of the Benxi iron and steel exports leaped to national steel companies
Nov 21, 2016

In 2010, the Benxi iron and steel group exports a total of 2.8 million tons, an increase of 185.7% in 2009, ranked exports of iron and steel enterprises on the basis of three, another jump took first place, realizing products exported by "followers" to "leader" changes.

Facing financial crisis after the special period, as requested by the transformation of economic growth mode in Benxi steel, making full use of the overall advantages of the merger of two steel, hold fast to the world economic recovery and favorable opportunity of world market prices higher than the prices in the domestic market, to adjust the product structure, actively develops and manufactures high value-added products based on the domestic market, and fully enter the international market, not only makes the product export volume ranking industry first. Benxi iron and steel exports this year also structure and exports in the forefront of the domestic steel companies.

In recent years, large-scale technical transformation and "double high" formation of product development research, Benxi iron and steel group's core competitiveness significantly, increased. Many products by China classification society, General, Pan-Asia automotive international certification, proof of Benxi iron and steel technology and the rapid promotion of quality standards, provides powerful backing for Benxi iron and steel products into the overseas market. Meanwhile, the Benxi iron and steel to increase efforts to explore the international market, to establish a more comprehensive international marketing network, customers around the world in more than 40 countries and regions.