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Precision tube precision and production process
Sep 01, 2017

 Precision tube precision and production process is a measure of a manufacturer of technical strength is not very strong a rigid indicator, but also a business technology to improve a way to show the accuracy of the more fine, the higher the level of technology, the corresponding product production will The more beautiful. General manufacturers can do precision tube production accuracy is 0.3, then can do 0.2?

Precision pipe or cold rolled precision seamless pipe (GB3639-2000) is used for mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment, high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel pipe. High-precision precision tube is a new type of high-tech energy-saving products. , The use of high-precision precision tube to promote the use of steel, improve processing efficiency, energy conservation The so-called high-precision cold drawn tube is the internal and external diameter accuracy (tolerance range) strict, internal and external surface finish, roundness, Thick uniform fine of the technology produced by the high-precision cold-drawn tube of the main technical indicators have reached or partially exceeded the national standard GB8713--88 and the international standard ISO4394 / I-1980 (E) requirements. See the table below: Main technical indicators and standard table items actually meet GB8713-88 ISO4394 / I ID size tolerance H8 H9 H10 H8 H9 H10 H8 H9 H10 Straightness 0.3 / 1000 A: 0.3 / 1000 A: 0.5 / 1000 B: 1/1000 B: 1/1000 C: 1.5 / 1000 C: 1.5 / 1000 Wall thickness% 10 ± wall thickness% 10 ± wall thickness% 5 ± wall thickness deviation roundness 0.04 No requirement.

Precision tube weight calculation formula: [(outer diameter - wall thickness) * wall thickness] * 0.02466 = kg / m (weight per meter) In summary: precision tube if the manufacturers further improve the technology, the precision to 0.2 is complete No problem, to see the manufacturers are willing to do not want to improve!

It is noteworthy that last year the national fine tube inventory fell 4.39% more than the five major varieties of inventory fell 1.56%, the current precision tube inventory than the same period last year 632.19 million tons to reduce 2.4347 million tons, a decrease of about 38.51%. Due to the recent high-precision pipe and plate between the high price, most of the precision pipe plant in the scheduling of the preferred production of sheet metal, the market supply pattern on the formation of a certain impact, the mainstream market, the volume of precision tube are not many, The trend was significantly stronger.

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