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The stainless steel industry rebound from last year's output value of 7.4 billion
Nov 21, 2016

A few days ago, from Wenzhou City stainless steel Association on the third session of the General Assembly is aware, last year I stainless steel industry in overcoming the extremely adverse conditions, achieving annual output value of 7.42 billion yuan, steel output of 645,000 tons, exports about $100 million, industry economy in hard suspension rebound.

In the history of the stainless steel industry, 2009 was a very difficult year. Under the influence of the global financial crisis, raw material shrinks, significant decline in products, foreign trade blocked, insufficient domestic demand, serious impact on development of the stainless steel industry. In such a difficult situation, my area stainless steel industry business manager with exceptional courage, spirit of diligence, work together, to struggle together, and gradually reverse the depression situation.

Last year, my stainless steel industry in response to the financial crisis, increase new product development efforts. Industry-wide technical innovation project of escalation at all levels in the past year the 9 speed up the brand. Stainless steel Association has collected hundreds of brand-name enterprises relating to archives, and developed a brand management approach, use and administration of collective marks as well as brand base self discipline, strongly stimulated the enterprise brand product, trademark enthusiasm. Huadi steel group's first national well-known trademarks, led the majority of enterprises to actively declare level famous trademark to expand domestic and foreign markets, and actively organize enterprises to participate in domestic and international markets marketing activities