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Thoughts on development strategy of China's steel industry
Nov 21, 2016

"Eleven-Five", the overall strategy for the development of China's steel industry should be: taking scientific development view as guidance to independent innovation as the core, to recycle economy as the goal, with a focus on energy conservation, environmental protection, innovation in product development, manufacturing, and technology to form the independent intellectual property right, along the new road to industrialization to pipe power goal. Seamless steel tubes to develop high-end products to focus on research aimed at the energy-efficient short process of modern new technology of steel production. From the pipe, submerged arc welded pipe of large diameter hose should focus on the development of longitudinal welded pipe spiral welded pipe should focus on technical innovation, studying pre-precision welding and pipe cold expansion technology to further improve product quality; high frequency electric resistance welding pipe should enforce technically seamless process, March to the field of high-end products. From the industry, key steel enterprises to accelerate the pace of merger, to become eco-protection, circular economy, products are high-end, independent innovation of the modern factory. Market positioning, it is to the energy industry (oil, gas, coal, electricity) tubes for focus, tubes for bearing capacity of city gas network, supported by mechanical manufacturing and structural tube, pull the tube extension of industrial chain and a collaborative Division of labour, based on domestic and world.