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Tube type select direction of tilt.
Nov 21, 2016

Tube type select direction of tilt. Notes development direction of tube type is global, national, industry, regional market position. This is industry associations and business owners in the investment approach to in-depth research and careful decision-making.

China's steel industry is an integral part of the global steel industry to discuss the development direction of China pipe should be placed within the context of the global study, from the global view of China's economic development. I think that Chinese steel development strategy should be: taking scientific development view as guidance, along the new road to industrialization to pipe power goals. Seamless steel tube, to focus on developing high-end products as main direction; from the pipe, tube-type focus on longitudinal welded pipe, technically enforce the "seamless" process, product, high technology field on spiral welded pipe should focus on technical innovation, and further improve product quality. In terms of sector, key steel enterprises to become eco-keep, circular economy, products are high-end, advanced technological equipment of the modern factory. On steel development strategy embodied in the market, is based on oil and gas pipe (line) as focal point, the urban gas pipeline network to host, supported by mechanical and structural tube, pull the tube extension of industrial chain and a collaborative Division of labour.