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Factors Analysis Of Cylinder Liner Wear
Nov 19, 2016

1) smooth condition is not good, make the upper part of the cylinder liner wear Stern. Near the upper part of the cylinder liner the burning room, high temperature, smooth conditions are very poor. Scour and diluted in fresh air and transpiration of fuel, aggravating the deterioration of the conditions of the upper, on the cylinder in a dry or semi-dry conflict situation, which constitutes the upper part of the cylinder wear of critical factors.

2) upper accept pressure, hand light weight cylinder wear. Piston ring is elastic and under the effect of back pressure against the cylinder wall is more stress, smooth film formation and insist on more difficult, mechanical wear and increase. Power trip, follow the piston down, pressure drop, so hand light weight cylinder wear.

3) mineral acids and organic acid corrosion of the cylinder stripping. After the burning of the combustible mixture in the cylinder, water vapor and acidic oxide, they generate mineral acids dissolve in water, and generated in the incineration of organic acids, corrosive effects on the cylinder surface, corrosion gradually scrape of piston ring in the conflict, constitute a deformation of the cylinder sets.

4) into a mechanical impurities, increased cylinder wear in the middle. Air impurities in dust, lubricants and so on, to constitute abrasive wear between the piston and cylinder wall. Dust or impurities with the piston in the cylinder of reciprocating motion, because in the central position of the cylinder movement velocity, increased wear in the middle of the cylinder.