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How To Reduce Fine Aluminum Tube Defects?
Nov 19, 2016

An element of fine aluminum tube waste disadvantage is incurred, fine aluminum tube waste down a small flaws on the entire root length cutting of fine tubes. Because of the high added value of fine aluminum tubes, squeeze fine aluminum tube manufacturers should make every effort to reduce disadvantages. Non-compression cycle time-assuming the consumer effect of fine extrusion press for aluminum tubes 30 per hour for aluminium rod, every non-frugal the extrusion cycle 10 seconds, then every day can add 2 hours squeeze time, 2 hours means 8% or the output, that is equivalent to 8% per kg on the profile drop in conversion costs. Downtime (infix operation)-due to downtime and loss for the formation of the Grand (examples of our stop loss is 48.00 per minute) and more besides in the outage with no output and loss of capacity. -Outsourcing high-skill of fine aluminum extrusion speed pipe mould consumption brought about by force should be thinking about. If the acquisition of fine aluminum mold manufacturers its own manufacturing and extrusion tooling seems to faster speed, then a medium number of orders can be rated by acquisition of mould costs of compensation. For example, assuming normal cost for 2,860.00 yuan/hour, due to the acquisition of high-skill mold rated incurred costs 10,000.00, just 50% reduction on the extrusion speed, consumption effect reaches 800 kg/hour, then an order of less than 10 tonnes can be compensated using the expensive mold rated cost incurred.