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Measures To Reduce Abrasion For Cylinder Sleeve
Nov 19, 2016

1. accurate starting and beginning

When engine cold start, because of the low temperatures, oil viscosity, fluidity, making oil pump fuel starvation. Together, after the original oil on the cylinder wall in the parking along the cylinder wall base, thus starting the Flash is not working properly when outstanding smooth, resulting in starting cylinder wall wear significantly added. Thus, when first starting, idling the engine several times, friction and obtain a smooth appearance and start again. Idle after starting to heat up, no pounding oil until oil starts again when the temperature reached 40 degrees centigrade; starting low speed gear should adhere to, progressively and each stall travel some distance, until the oil temperature to normal, may be turned into a normal road.

2. the accurate selection of lubricants

Tougher time section and engine feature requests selected optimum viscosity of lubricants, no casual purchase defective lubricants, smooth and often view and insist on the quantity and quality of the oil.

3. enhance filters maintenance

Air filters, oil filters and fuel filters keep excellent work, is essential to reduce cylinder wear. Strengthen the "filter" of conservation is to prevent mechanical impurities into the cylinder, reducing cylinder wear, extends engine life by one important measure, is especially important in rural and sandy areas. Some drivers in order to save fuel without air filter is definitely at fault.