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ST37 high pressure cold rolled and polished precision Steel Seamless Pipe
Mar 09, 2017

Application of seamless pipe


1.Hydraulic Cylinder Tube---Used in the hydraulic cylinder of the heavy machinery, Cranes, excavator also forklifts. Material is various, mainly STKM-13CT, ST52, CK45 and 1020. We can work and get the mechanical property of the clients need and extended the life of the hydraulic cylinder.




2.Honed tube and SRB tube ----- Used in Elevator,buffer and Hydraulic Cylinder .This kind tube have a better roughness inner the tube, ra0.2-0.4um and can use directly in the hydraulic cylinder tube.

Range: ID 50-250mm and Length can work at most 6M.



3.Cold finished tube---- Widely Used. Processing range 30-300mm, biggest length is 11m.

What we can provide are:

--Seamless steel tube

--Cold drawn steel tube

--Cold rolled steel tube

--Honed steel tube

--Hydraulic cylinder steel tube