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Steel Industry This Year, Stabilizing Multinationals
Nov 19, 2016

Steel trading is warming up

It is reported that entering the second quarter, major domestic steel mills has announced new prices of steel, basic price growth is evident, and steel trading market is in a recovery phase.

Dong Zhihong said national steel Association late last year initiative together large steel mills cut production to stabilize prices, and direction 2006 is yixiaodingchan.

Meanwhile, as steel consumption in Guangdong Province, also in the pattern of active iron and steel trading patterns, and owns the country's largest steel trading hub of Guangdong lecong is now working in this direction.

Lecong town Vice Mayor Cen Shude told reporters that seeks to enhance the level of trade, currently established steel trading hub of South China logistics will "stall" trade development "supermarket" deals, look to your computer from the site selected, and money from traditional goods are square to the remote transactions on the Internet.