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Way To Distinguish Genuine Aluminum Tube
Nov 19, 2016

One, watch

After the appearance of the aluminum tubes and identify the surface surveys, such as touch.

1, genuine aluminium tube appearance usually use imported ink-jet print, clear handwriting, and trademark identification, manufacturer, address, and phone, and are generally more marked understand, true; choose fake aluminum tube appearance usually printing, handwriting vague and their manufacturers, labeling usually is not known or is not marked.

2, genuine aluminum tube using high quality materials and manufacturing, its technical accuracy, surface and feel the inner lubrication conveniently, the smooth variegated; and because fake aluminum plastic pipe products to cut corners is relatively poor.

3, authentic aluminum pipe and aluminum with a uniform wall thickness, aluminum tube with more rigorous, quality and thickness of its pipes and aluminum tape can reach the national standard; and shoddy products the thickness error is large, aluminum is thin, and its aluminum lap gap.